Fly to Spain to run with the bulls

The Running of the Bulls is a practice that involves quite literally, running through some exceedingly narrow streets ahead of, you guessed it, some very angry bulls. Known as encierro in Spanish, there is no entry requirement for this bizarre sport and anybody can enter.

Traditionally, the purpose of this was to transport the bulls from the corral where they had been held overnight to the central bullring where they would be killed in the evening. Young (usually) men would then jump in amongst the bulls to show off their macho (misplaced?) bravado.

Not much has changed apart from the fact that the main event is now the bull running and not the bull fight. The streets are narrow and cobbled leading to many injuries for the bulls which slip on the stones and plenty of minor and some major injuries to those loony humans taking part. Barely a year goes by when there is not a report of someone being gored by a bull, but still they flock in their hundreds to run with the bulls.

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