Fly to Jersey and drive around during your self catering holidays in Jersey

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Here is some information for those who are looking to fly to Jersey and drive around during your self catering holidays in Jersey.

Jersey is the most southerly island of the British Isles. Lying some 160 kilometres off the south coast of the British mainland, yet only 22 kilometres off the coast of Normandy in France.  Due to its more southern location in comparison to the rest of Britain it is considered the warmest of the British Isles during the summer months. Also seeing as the island is neither technically part of the EU or the UK, it is a'duty-free' destination. Prices are not subject to VAT either.  Certainly, a bonus for all prospective holiday makers. Whilst flying into Jersey you will experience the sight of lush valleys, well-kept fields and an unspoilt coastline.

Upon flying into Jersey it would be recommended to have self-catering accommodation booked.  This allows you to come and go as you please,with minimum fuss, during your stay.  One such website which provides such a service is www.freedomholidays.com, on their site they host a great selection of self-catering properties for holidaymakers. Ranging from quaint cottages that can sleep five, costing £470 per week to country houses sleeping up to 7 people costing £1,285.  And with a wide a varied selection in-between, This website truly caters for every need.

Due to the freedom on offer with self catering accommodation,why not compliment this by renting a car for your stay, to truly enhance your travelling options.  Especially when considering the island hosts 12 beaches, a large number considering the size of the island, which measures 9 miles by 5 miles. www.carhire3000.ie offers great deals on car rentals in Jersey. Along with offering you the option of where to collect your vehicle, be it from Jersey airport, the harbour or a hotel delivery.  An example of the cars on offer is  a five seater Ford Focus, for a weekly rent of as little as £133.


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