Fly to Havana for the price of a pack of peanuts

If you've never been to Italy and you've always wanted to go to Cuba, Thailand, the Maldives or Mexico then we've killed four birds with one stone for you. Blue Panorama is a budget longhaul airline which currently flies from Rome or Milan to all of the aforementioned destinations. Which on its own isn't too mindblowing. However it is when you find out they're doing it for a mere 99euro each way. Coupled with a cheapo connecting flight from the UK with either EasyJet or Ryanair, and you could be looking at one cheap holiday.

Now obviously you get what you pay for. Reviews of the airline range from 'bit uncomfortable to 'terrible food' and 'frequent delays' but the important thing is that it gets you to paradise without you having to remortgage your house. Which, if you ask us, is about all you can expect for £200 there and back.

Blue Panorama is fast becoming the Ryanair of the long haul holiday but sadly it won't stay a secret for too much longer, so book now while you still can. Christmas on Koh Samui could be yours for...oooh, the price of a posh hamper from Harrods or a yucky package hol to Benidorm. You decide.

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