Fly to Bulgaria, lap up the sun

Why not fly to Bulgaria this summer? It's one of the UK's favourite holiday destinations according to the latest Guardian Holiday Poll online.

A picturesque small country called Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe, linking East and West. Bulgaria remembers ancient civilisations and great people that wrote its turbulent history. Situated in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Bulgaria Air can get you from London to Bulgaria for around 200 pounds, or you could try Ryanair, who can take you from the UK and Ireland over to Sofia, Bulgaria's capital and the UK's new favourite city.

Bulgaria has changed swiftly over the last decade, though in the villages you can still find people who rode their donkey to work! Urban Bulgaria, especially Sofia is much changed, and there is plenty to offer to tourists. The ski and beach resorts are incredibly cheap, and there is plenty of the country's picturesque landscape to see. With its dramatic mountains, haven-like monasteries, churches, mosques, Roman and Byzantine ruins there is lots to take in. The culture and history is apparent throughout the country, but it also has a distinct modern feel with plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Fly there today!

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