Best way to fly to Brazil's Recife Airport from the UK

There are no direct ways to fly to Brazil Recife from any UK airport. There are, however, numerous European cities which have direct flights to Recife. It is not a sensible idea to fly to elsewhere in Brazil and onto Recife, thanks to the poor standard of safety recorded by Brazilian airlines in recent years.

The most important thing to consider when planning your trip, then, is: which European city will you fly from? This factor will dramatically influence the cost of your journey.

If you live near London (and have access to Heathrow Airport), or near Manchester or Birmingham, there is a little more competition for you to choose from, and if you do not live near one of these airports, it is worth travelling to them.

Flying from London, price comparison websites like Skyscanner.net push you towards flying to Lisbon and onto Recife using the Portuguese airline TAP. This can cost around £760 return, with the total journey time being around 13 hours outbound (including a two-hour stop in Lisbon) and 14 hours and 30 minutes inbound (this time with 4 hours in Lisbon).

For everywhere else, the best point of exchange is Frankfurt, which has flights most Fridays and Sundays to Recife via Salvador operated by the airline Condor. The Friday flights are usually around 9am local time, but the Sunday flights can be after 11am, giving you a little more flexibility.The journey time is around 14 hours.

Tickets are cheapest if you buy them directly from Condor's website at Condor.com, costing close to £640 return.

If you fly from Manchester, you can travel to Frankfurt using BMI, and then on to Recife with Condor. This necessitates travelling on a Sunday both ways, as the BMI flights to Frankfurt overlap with the Condor flights on Fridays. A return flight to Frankfurt costs around £160 on a Sunday, making a total cost of £800.

Flying from Birmingham, again with BMI or Lufthansa on a Sunday, you can make it to Frankfurt before the 11am flight with more than 1 hour to navigate the airport. BMI and Lufthansa charge around £140 return from Birmingham, so the overall cost is approximately £780.

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