Fly from Nottingham to Bodrum

Bodrum in Turkey is a major holiday destination for Brits, even in the middle of winter. Boasting many hours of sunshine even at this time of the year, Bodrum is a haven for anyone who hates the dark cold mornings of mid-winter.

Nottingham airport, previously known as East Midlands and now known as Robin Hood airport is a busy place with flights leaving for and arriving from destinations all over the world. Although not peak season, Bodrum is still popular as a holiday destination at this time of year and flights depart from the UK there on a regular basis.

Flight time is approximately three and a half hours and the time difference is two hours ahead of GMT. Thomas Cook operate flights Nottingham destination Bodrum. The best deal we can find with Thomas Cook is £122 return flight including taxes for flights in April 2011 but you may find a better deal if you consult a price comparison website or a website such as lastminute.com.

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