We look for sites offering fly fishing holidays in Scotland

Looking for a weekend break that offers a relaxing setting and the chance to be at one with nature? Why not consider fly fishing holidays in Scotland? These holidays have the added bonus of being extremely cheap, so they are the perfect setting to get away from it all without breaking the bank. We are going to show you the best sites to visit to snag a fly fishing holiday in this blog.

Whether you are an accomplished fisher, or you are somebody looking to cast a line for the first time, there will likely be a fishing trip in Scotland to suit your needs! The first site you need to fish for information in the Fishing UK site and their excellent Scottish section at www.fishing-uk-scotland.com/. Here you can find all the information you will need on fly fishing holidays and even fly casting lessons. They offer one, three and even six day fishing trips on the Rivers Tay and Spey, all for bargain prices.

Another site that offers fly fishing trips in Scotland for slightly more experienced anglers is Trout Quest, who you can find online at www.troutquest.com/. Trout Quest offer the full range of angling trips in Scotland, and they have the backing of the Scottish Government as a tourism initiative, so they put together the best possible trips for you at a reasonable price.

The River Tay in Scotland is famous for fishing, and it even has it's own dedicated website to help you get fishing with ease. That site is www.tayfishingperthshire.co.uk/ and it has all the info you will need on fishing the river on a package break.

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