Fabulous fly fishing holidays in Scotland

Fly fishing in Scotland: the best holiday locations

If your ideal holiday is relaxing amongst fantastic scenery, fly fishing holidays in Scotland are perfect.

Depending on whether your quarry is salmon, sea trout or trout, there are many options. The River Allan, in Perthshire, filters through Dunblane en route to connecting with the Forth. Rainfall brings migratory fish up from the Forth, with salmon abundant in late summer. Sea trout can be caught around May.

Excellent trout and grayling fishing abound in the Avon, a tributary of the Clyde. Annual memberships are available at competitive rates.

The Esk, running through the Borders, is famous for its sea trout. Daily, weekly and season permits are obtainable from Esk and Liddle Fisheries.

When the seasons for fly fishing in Scotland?

Salmon are available in the Tay from 15th January to 15th October, the Dee from 1st February to 30th September, the Spey from 11th February to 30th September and the Tweed from 1st February to 30th November.

What holidays are available for Scottish fly fishing?

Fishing in Scotland (www.fishing-uk-scotland.com) offer variety of holiday options:-

  • Guided salmon fishing
  • 1 to 6 day salmon fishing trips and fly fishing locations
  • Spey casting and fly fishing (beginner to advanced)
  • Corporate and business events

Accommodation can be provided from a basic bed and breakfast (£55/65 per night) to four-star hotels (£275/325). Transfer to the river from the hotel is included. Airport transfers can be arranged at an additional cost.

Further fishing ideas are available from short fishing breaks.

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