Exciting fly drives to Florida are a great option when looking for a holiday

Fly drives to Florida are offered by many leading tour operators including Virgin Holidays and Monarch.co.uk. Florida is a vibrant, exciting place to spend your holidays, so make sure you see as much as you can, by booking a fly drive. Florida fly drives are designed to give you the freedom of the road from the minute you arrive, and holidays can often be booked with pre-arranged routes, accommodation and itineraries, so that you can enjoy your stay to the full.

The highways across Florida are excellent, petrol is cheap in the USA, and inclusive car hire is the most economical way to see the state. Remember to take your driving licence, and that car hire in the USA is only an option for over-21s.

Fly drives to Florida appeal on so many levels. There’s sun and warmth all year round, the best beaches in the US, world-class shopping malls, unique landscapes and wildlife reserves, the fascinating string of islands known as the Florida Keys and some of the best hotels in the country.

Fly drives to Florida are a dream come true for young families visiting the ultimate theme park - Disney World at Orlando. Add in a beach break at lively Fort Lauderdale on the east coast, Clearwater on the western Gulf Coast or atmospheric Naples on the south west tip of Florida.

Visit glamorous Miami, then head down to historic Key West where famous author Ernest Hemingway lived, fished and wrote. Many fly drive holidays take in the Everglades in southern Florida. This National Park of subtropical swamps and marshes, is home to many bird species and thousands of native alligators.

Fly-drives.com and directline-holidays.co.uk are two websites that list fly drives to Florida and allow you to compare prices.

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