Planning Fly Drive Italy Holidays

The first thing that travelers should do when planning fly drive Italy holidays is book a flight. This should not be too expensive for those who are leaving from the UK, Ireland, Scotland or Europe. The cheapest return flight from Heathrow, London to Italy was listed at €200 on the flight comparison website Skyscanner.net as at the 1st of August 2011. Once this has been done holidaymakers will need to book a rental car and accommodation for fly drive Italy holidays.

The next step in the process is planning an itinerary. This will allow holidaymakers to determine where they will go and the best route to get to their destination. Those who plan in advance will know how many miles they will need for their rental car. People who do not live in a crowded city with small roads may find driving in Italian towns difficult. Because of this it is important to be aware of Italian driving rules and regulations when driving. A guide to driving in Italy can be found on the website Initaly.com.

Holidaymakers will now need to book accommodation and a car rental. Travelers should remember that Italy is an expensive place to travel. A comfortable hotel in this country will cost upwards of €80 and a car rental will cost at least €50 a day. Both cars and hotels can be booked on the comparison website Expedia.co.uk. There are very few companies that offer package deals on fly drive holidays to Italy so travelers will need to book each part of their holiday separately.

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