Booking Fly Drive Holidays to New Zealand

The first step of planning fly drive holidays to New Zealand is booking a flight. As a flight from the UK, Ireland and Europe to New Zealand can be quite expensive, holidaymakers should use a flight comparison website to find a cheap flight. These websites search the internet for the best deals on flights. A few good websites for this are cheapflights.co.uk, skyscanner.net and kayak.com. As at the 1st of August, 2011 the cheapest return flight from Heathrow, London to Auckland, New Zealand was listed at £769.

The best way to get a good deal on a car rental and accommodation for fly drive holidays to New Zealand is to get a package deal. There are many websites that offer travelers package deals on car rentals and accommodation. One of these websites is kiwicombopass.co.nz. Those who choose to book with this company will get a discounted rate on a low mileage vehicle which has comprehensive insurance. Holidaymakers will also get vouchers for hotel or motel accommodation. Those who want to stay on a budget can pay for motels while those who do not mind paying extra can opt to stay in a hotel. While the website does not have any prices listed it is safe to say that travelers should not be paying more than $200 NZD per night as both rented vehicles and hotels can be obtained for under $100 in New Zealand. Those who do not want a package deal can book their accommodation and car rental separately using a website like Expedia.co.nz.

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