Our pick of the fly cruises from Manchester

Fancy doing something a little different with your holidays this year? Instead of the usual uninspiring two weeks spent in some resort in Spain, why not have a look at doing a Fly Cruise instead? In this blog we'll be taking a look at getting the cheapest fly cruises from Manchester, so hopefully we can nab you a good deal!

Not living near a port town doesn't mean you can't enjoy a stunning cruise. More and mroe Britons each year are spreading their sea legs in a variety of far flung destinations, and it's all thanks to the advent of the Fly Cruise. Basically, a Fly Cruise sees you fly off to some exotic far flung port, where you catch a cruise liner and go exploring the high seas. Thanks to the range of destinations catered for from Manchester Airport, it's easy to find great deals on Fly Cruises.

Securing a Fly Cruise from Manchester is a simple case of knowing where to look, and we have one site that's perfect for your needs. Simply point your browser toward http://www.latedealpackageholidays.co.uk and click on their Fly Cruise tab. There you'll find all the latest bargain offers on Fly Cruises departing from Manchester.

Late Deal Package Holidays pride themselves on uncovering some absolutely massive bargains for customers, and their selection of Fly Cruise options backs up this claim. To give an example of the offers they currently have, you can secure a Turkish Fly Cruise for just £365. That price includes seven nights full board. It's a steal!

Booking your Fly Cruise couldn't be easier either, simply call 0114 250 4408 and speak to one of their expert holiday consultants.


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