Fly away home to Belfast

The main place to head in Belfast is down to the waterside. These docks are the very origin of the city; the area that has shaped the wealth and personality of the city as well as the ever changing skyline. This old dock area is the very place where the Queen of ships, the Titanic was built and then launched, never to return. This ill fated beauty has even had an area of the city named after her: The Titanic Quarter which is a £7million waterfront development, twice the size of London’s Canary Wharf. The nearby Thomson Dock and Pumphouse have more memorabilia devoted to this enormous piece of history and the Thomson Dock is actually the footprint of the Titanic giving you an idea of how huge she was.

The SS Nomadic – the Titanic’s smaller younger sister – has now returned to Belfast and is being lovingly restored in the Queens Quarter.

Flights to Belfast are plentiful from the UK, flying daily from all of the main airports. The major carriers are Ryanair and Easyjet and with such a short flight time, Belfast is the perfect destination for even just a weekend visit.

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