Florida Villas on Beautiful Siesta Key

Siesta Beach has won more than its share of awards for its fine white sand and its calm turquoise waters. Just this year, Siesta Beach came in second only to Hawaii on Dr. Beach’s Top Ten Beaches in America.

One look at the picture perfect beaches, and you’ll know why so many people choose Siesta Key as their number one holiday spot. With the dollar currently low and a favourable real estate market, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the incredibly low lease rates on some of the most beautiful Florida villas in the area.

Fine dining awaits you on Siesta Key from gourmet seafood to island fare. Imagine sitting on a deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico just as the sun is beginning to set over the water. This is a magical time on the Key and nothing comes close to the serene feeling that washes over you as the day comes to a close, and the cool tropical breeze welcomes you to stay just a little longer.

Take a short drive over the bridge onto St. Armand’s Circle and you’ll find some of the finest shopping in the area. Unique shops offer the best in fashion, jewellery, fine arts, and more.

Once you’ve leased a Florida villa on Siesta Key, you’ll never again want to spend your holiday any place else. In fact, you’ll find it very hard to leave.

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