Getting the best deal on your Florida holidays 2012

If you're thinking about Florida as your destination for next summer's big family holiday then you've picked one of the most spectacular holiday destinations on earth. The weather is perfect, the people are friendly, and there's an unbelievable amount of activity packed into the area! In this blog we'll be pointing you in the direction of the places in which you can get the best deals on your Florida holidays 2012, so lets take a look!

If you fancy going down the all inclusive route, then we suggest taking a look at what Virgin Holidays can offer you at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk. Simply click on the Florida tab and check out the myriad of options that are available to you on their site. As it happens, Florida is perhaps Virgin Holidays most popular destination, so they have the most variety of offers available.

Virgin allows you to choose your airport of departure from quite a few options. You can fly from London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and even Birmingham. One of Virgin's major advantages is that they can call on exclusive flight offers thanks to their Virgin Atlantic arm flying directly to Orlando from the UK.

Virgin's extensive holiday serch form allows you to fill out the date and departure point, and it gets back to you instantly with a quote. The good news is that they are running sale on their 2012 holidays right now, and you can view the offers at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk/brochures/florida/info/welcome/.

In our opinion, Virgin are the best option for anyone considering a trip to Florida, so check them out today and get saving for next summer's dream holiday!


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