Florida Holiday in 2011 - Perfect for the family

Florida Holidays 2011 - treat yourself and family to a brilliant holiday in this amazing destination.

Florida is located on the Gulf Coast in the south-east of the United States and with many international airports such as Orlando and Miami, it is easily accessible from just about anywhere.

All big tour operators offer a wide choice of package holiday to Florida. Thomas Cook and Thomsom are worth a look. If a package holiday is not for you, you can book your flights, transfers and hotels online. Sky scanner.net and tripadvisor.co.uk are two websites where you can find great deals on flights to Florida.

On arrival, the holidaymaker is spoilt for choice with so much to do and see. Florida has many lovely beaches such as Clearwater and New Smyrna Beach. Jet skiing, wind surfing and scuba diving are just some of the water related activities the holidaymaker and try.

The Florida Keys should also be visited. They are an archipelago of about 1700 islands that have a tropical climate.

Key Largo and Key West are two of the keys.

John Pennecamp Coral State Park has spectacular coral reef wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. Dolphins Plus offers in-water interaction with bottlenosed dolphins and is an experience that should not be missed. These two attractions are in Key Largo.

In Key West one can visit Ernest Hemingway's house, the former residence of this famous author. In 1968 it was designated a United States National Historic Landmark.

So go ahead and enjoy fantastic holidays in Florida this year.

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