Florida holiday ideas right here!

Otherwise known as the ‘Sunshine State’, Florida has year-round warm temperatures, so you can travel here at any time of year! If you are a beach-goer, you are in paradise! There are loads of beautiful stretches of golden sand for you to choose form. If you like bustling, active beaches that have a great nightlife, check out South Beach! It has some awesome clubs, bars and restaurants, and it is also the location for many films, TV shows and music videos! There are also loads of celebrities around for some serious star-watching! If you prefer quieter, more secluded beaches, visit the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. You can also see the Cape Florida Lighthouse – one of the most scenic landmarks Florida has to offer!

If you love visiting big attractions and museums, then Florida is certainly the place for you! You have the Kennedy Space Centre, where you can learn about and explore all there is to know about space flights and man’s journey through space. There’s also the Disneyland in Orlando, where adults and kids alike can enjoy the magic and fun of all the Disney characters! About two hours from Orlando you can visit the Salvador Dalimuseum, where you can gaze at the incredible works of this artist.

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