Florida flights

The Sunshine State of Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the U.S. for tourists. Fantastic weather gives Florida its nickname and it's by no means the only attraction to this wonderful part of the world. World-famous theme parks such as Disneyland also attract millions of visitors to Florida every year.

Florida is a huge area and the state has more than 10 airports. Miami International Airport is the primary airport in South Florida and it is located 14km northwest of Miami. The airport deals with millions of passengers coming to Florida and is well connected to the surrounding areas by rail and bus. Taxis are also freely available from the airport.

Southwest Florida International Airport is another important airport in Florida and it is located 16km southeast of Fort Myers in Florida. A public bus service operates an hourly service from the airport to a transfer point at Daniels Parkway. From here connections can be made with many parts of Florida. Many of the major hotels in the area also offer shuttle bus service from the airport. There is no rail service from the airport but fixed rate taxis are widely available and can be booked before arrival.

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