Florida Deals - The real Disney World

Since EuroDisney, Paris started taking much of the valued European business away from Disneyworld, the folks at the U.S. airports have been cooking up ways to get your English pound state-side – and all to your advantage.

Throw this in the mix with some of the ridiculous deals for Disneyworld and you’ve got to come up with a pretty good reason for heading into Paris and putting up with the snotty French.

Cheapflights are throwing out prices direct to Orlando for under 300 return, www.cheapflights.co.uk. And once you get there, The DisneyWorld resorts have a number of decent package discounts available.

With up to 40% off if you book a Deluxe Villa Resort Hotel, with up to 25% off for a Value Resort Hotel. Alternatively, you can take the discount in vouchers in the form of the famous Disney Gift Card, with from 300 to 750 on offer when you book a Magic your Way package. All deals, offers and packages are available on the Disney Website at www.home.disney.com.

Still not tempted? Then simply book your flight to Florida next week and go enjoy Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale – it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

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