Looking for Flights to the USA in summer 2011?

If you are looking for flights to the U.S. this summer, there are cheap flights and bargain deals to be had. With popular destinations such as Orlando, Los Angeles, New York and Boston accessible from numerous UK airports, it makes sense to shop around in order to find the best rates. Here's a look at some flights to the USA in summer 2011.

Flying from London Heathrow to Los Angeles International (LAX) costs from around £500 when flying with Air New Zealand. This comfortable full-service airline also offer the lowest priced Business Class-style flights across the Atlantic, with Economy SkyCouch seats, which offer large seats that can be used as beds, priced from £1000. British Airways also fly on this route, with cheapest return flights in June and August from around £600. July flights, meanwhile, start from around £800.

New York's two airports JFK and Newark can now be reached from Edinburgh airport when flying with Continental. With flight durations lasting as little as 6 hours, it makes sense to fly from Edinburgh, cutting up to an hour off your journeys times in comparison to a flight from Heathrow. Prices on this route start from around £600 for peak summer travel.

Meanwhile, American Airlines can now take you direct from Manchester to Chicago O'Hare airport, for around £700 during the summer. If you wish to avoid flying via Heathrow, or don't want the hassle of a connecting flight in the U.S., this is a great option.

With so many more US destinations such as San Francisco, Seattle, Hawaii and Florida, you are guaranteed to find somewhere worth visiting. Keep checking for special offers and discount flights to the USA for summer 2011.

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