Take a look at these flights tp Palma in October 2011

When it comes to holidays, it is always best to plan as far ahead as practically possible. If you are thinking about heading to Palma de Majorca this coming October, then you should start moving quickly, especially when it comes to flights. Here, we have done a bit of research for you on where you can book your flights tp Palma in October 2011.

An excellent place to kick-start your search for flights tp Palma in October 2011 is the Irish low-cost airline, EasyJet. These guys offer several flights from the UK to Palma during the month of October. If you book now, you can find flights from London for £26, and from Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle all starting from £24. Please bear in mind that EasyJet do not provide onboard meals and beverages, nor do they offer reserved seating.

Another airline worth checking out for your October Palma flights is Ryanair. This is Ireland's other budget air company and they, too, cover the UK-Palma flight path. In October, they have flights on sale departing from Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Not a bad selection, hey! Airfares vary depending on the city you depart from, but if you purchase your tickets now the prices hover between £23 and £40. Similarly to EasyJet, there are no meals, beverages or reserved seating offered on Ryanair flights.

For an even bigger choice of Palma flights in October 2011, it is also a good idea to log onto the website of British Airways. Being a traditional airline that provides their passengers with meals, beverages, reserved seating and inflight entertainment, you won't find the same super-cheap deals on flights. However, by booking in advance for your October Palma flights, you will be able to save a few quid. For instance, BA is advertising flights at £70 to Palma from London, £154 from Edinburgh, £145 from Glasgow and £154 from Manchester.

Please note that the airfare prices quoted in this article are subject to change depending on availability. The earlier you book your Palma flights for October 2011, the more likely it is that you will find great deals!

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