Looking for flights to Tobago?

When people dream of spending time on a Caribbean island they often think of places like Jamaica or Barbados, but if you like beaches, animals, adventures, history, culture and diving, then a holiday in Tobago might be a great option for you. Why not check out flights to Tobago now?


Tobago may not be as popular as other Caribbean islands but it certainly is a beautiful place and definitely worth a visit if you love the Caribbean. A huge part of the island is made up of a forest reserve, which is a great place to see animals and flowers - and has a bit of adventure and plenty of scenic locations thrown in.

If you like diving, there is a wreck just offshore that you're sure to find incredible. It was purposely wrecked for divers and has the windows and doors removed so you can move around it easily. If you enjoy hiking, bird watching, beaches, watersports or even goat and crab racing (!) then you will love Tobago.

Tobago flights

There are direct flights to Tobago from London. It is about a 9 hour flight. Unfortunately these direct flights are not very frequent, with only a handful a week. There are more flights that arrive into Trinidad and you can quite easily transfer to Tobago from here.

There is one airport in Tobago: most locals still use the old name of Crown Point Airport, but the name has changed to Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (or A.N.R Robinson International Airport).

A return flight with British Airways will cost around £600, if booked in advance.

Despite the lack of direct flights to Tobago from the UK, it is definitely worth the trip. It's harder to find the flight and accommodation packages that are common for more popular Caribbean destinations, but this also has its advantages - large parts of Tobago remain unspoiled and relatively tourist free.

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