Flights to Tunisia

Tunisia charms visitors with its golden beaches, historical and cultural sites, and fun festivals. Seaside resorts such as Sousse, Monastir, and Hammamet offer loads of fun activities, while museums such as National Museum of Bardo walk you through Tunisia’s colourful past.

Experience these thrills first-hand by flying to Tunisia, whose main gateway is the Tunis Carthage International Airport. Other airports complement this hub and serve European airlines: Habib Bourguiba Skanes Monastir near Monastir, Tozeur Nefta International Airport near Tozeur, and Djerba International Airport in Djerba Island.

British Airways, UK’s flag carrier, provides low-cost flights to Tunisia from London Gatwick Airport. Economy class provides basic creature comforts, while almost three hours of travel time will go unnoticed in premium economy class with its reclining seats, in-seat laptop power supply, and your own seatback video screen. Tunisair, Tunisia’s national airline, also flies regularly from London to Tunis and vice versa.

Air France offers Tunisia flights from UK cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, and Belfast. Choose the Tempo/Economy class and enjoy perks such as seats that recline up to 118 degrees, cushions, blankets, and a complimentary travel kit. Cookies and sandwiches as well as hot and cold drinks are also available.

Avoid flight hassles during the peak months of August to September by booking a connecting flight with Sabena, Belgium’s national airline. They offer flights to Tunis and Monastir. Swissair flies from Geneva to Tunis, while Alitalia flies to Tunis from Rome.

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