Check Canadian Affair for offers on flights to Toronto

Toronto is one of North America's most vibrant cities, in the heart of Ontario, within easy reach of Niagara Falls. It makes a great base for a Canadian holiday. For a range of cheap deals on flights to Toronto, check the Canadian Affair offers for summer 2012

Canadian Affair (www.canadianaffair.com) offers flights to Toronto from 7 UK airports. Prices from Gatwick start from £179 outbound and start from £149 for the return leg. Prices from Heathrow are around £229 each way. These are Instant Purchase online fares, and include all taxes.

Canadian Affair's major advantage is the range of flights they offer from regional airports. Direct flights to Toronto are available from Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle and Exeter. The relatively short 6 hour Atlantic hop from Glasgow starts at £179, with £189 the fare for the return leg.

In Toronto you can combine the pleasures of a major metropolis with the friendly vibe of the city's neighbourhoods. reflecting the tastes and lifestyles of the original immigrant inhabitants.

So, Little Portugal in the west still has a flavour of Lisbon or Porto, and the Corso Italia to the north is awash with authentic Italian restaurants and delis.

For a great restaurant crawl, you can follow the tram-lines down broad and busy Spadina Avenue, packed with Chinatown’s restaurants. The prices are low, the menus often entirely in baffling Chinese characters, the food invariably authentic and enticing.

For the latest updates on Canadian Affair's flights to Toronto, follow them on Twitter (@CanadianAffair). For information on Toronto attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars and more, visit the city's official website at www.toronto.ca.

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