Flights to Tokyo

Buddhist temples and bustling business districts; nature parks and high-end shops; costumed schoolgirls and half-naked sumo wrestlers… Tokyo, meaning “East Capital” in Japanese, is an intriguing mix of old Japanese traditions and modern technological style. Have a look at traditional Japanese art at the Tokyo National Museum and see “Old Tokyo” in the Asakusa district, with its parks, shrines, and museums. Rikugien Garden, a beautiful plot with streams, trees, and teahouses, depicts 88 scenes from local poems. The seat of Japanese government, as well as the residence of the Imperial Family, Tokyo is a major tourist destination today.

Fly into Tokyo through Narita International Airport. Among its facilities are shower rooms, mobile phone rentals, and international restaurants. To avoid traffic jams as you head to the city, take the train to the Tokyo Station. Your choices for the one hour trip into the city are Skyliner Airport Express, which leaves twice each hour, and Narita Express (N'EX), which leaves every hour, or even every 30 minutes during peak times.

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British Airways flies to Tokyo twice a day from London (Heathrow) Airport. "Airline of the Year" in 2006 (World Airline Awards), BA has been cruising the skies since World War I. Book a seat in World Traveller economy class, and get value for your money, as well as stress-free air travel. You won’t sacrifice comfort either, with the planes’ ergonomic seats, blankets, cushions, and socks.

Virgin Atlantic has Tokyo flights from London (Heathrow) Airport once a day. With awards such as "Best Long-Haul Airline" (The Sunday Times Travel Magazine Reader's Awards 2008), "Airline of the Year" (British Travel Awards 2007), and "Best Premium Economy" (Business Traveller Awards 2007), expect the ultimate in style, service, and safety on your Tokyo flights. Here’s another thing to make you smile – Virgin Atlantic is committed to decreasing its environmental impact by recycling, using less fuel, and using innovative, earth-friendly resources.

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