Flights to the Maldives

Set off for one of the 1,200 captivating islands in the Republic of Maldives, a collection of coral reefs and atolls on the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and spectacular coral reefs by booking one of these Maldives flights.

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Male International Airport on Hulhule Island is the main airport in the Maldives, and it has been operating since 1966. It was the only international airport in the country, until Gan International Airport was upgraded to service international flights.

First Choice Airways, a charter airline based in Crawley, England, offers Maldives flights from London-Gatwick and Manchester Airport. Flights from London to Male depart during Sundays, while flights from Manchester leave Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sri Lanka’s flag carrier, SriLankan Airlines, provides connecting flights from London Heathrow to the Maldives. Scheduled flights from London stop over first in Colombo then fly on to Male International Airport. Economy flights come with perks: personal seatback televisions, international cuisine, RECARO seats in two of the aircrafts, and video games, among others. SriLankan Airlines is also one of the few carriers that feature an “Airshow,” an animated map that provides travellers a pilot’s view of the flight, including take-off, landing, and sceneries. It also provides information about the aircraft’s speed, location, and altitude as well as the flight’s estimated arrival.

Other European airlines that fly to the Maldives are Air Europe,and Neos of Italy; Condor Airlines of Germany; and Martinair from the Netherlands.

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