Flights to the Faroe Islands

National Geographic called them “authentic” and “unspoiled.” The Faroe Islands, all 18 of them located within the North Atlantic Gulf Stream, are excellent holiday destinations for nature lovers.

The Faroe Islands – or “Sheep Islands” as translated from Faroese – is an autonomous province of Denmark, strewn with cliffs and coasts. It was a Viking settlement, and still retains much of its old culture today.

Get your first sighting of the Faroe Islands’ verdant valleys and magnificent mountains aboard Atlantic Airways. The only carrier with scheduled flights to the archipelago, it began operations in 1988. They have a programme called “Club Atlantic,” where they give away free plane tickets to Billund, Copenhagen, and Reykjavík every month. You can also purchase gifts, cosmetics, and toys at reasonable prices during your flight to the Faroe Islands.

Check out photos of the Faroe Islands here!

If you wish to do more sightseeing by air, you can reserve a seat in Atlantic Airways’ Bell 212 helicopter. This facilitates travel to the more secluded islands. Atlantic Airways provides flights to the Faroe Islands from London.

The Faroese airline has its hub in Vágar Airport, which used to be a military base during World War II. This is a reminder of the “friendly occupation” by the British, undertaken to "shield the Faroe Islands from all the severities of war" (as Winston Churchill put it) after Denmark was invaded by the Germans.

Vágar Airport was developed to cater to civilians in the 1960s. From here, you can take a bus which travels daily to and from Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

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