Flights to the Dominican Republic

There are many airports that serve the Dominican Republic. Flights to the capital, Santo Domingo, will take you to Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas JFPG (named after the politician Dr. José Fco. Peña Gómez).

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Air Canada, with flights to the Dominican Republic, knows how to nurture local talent. With the annual enRoute Student Film Festival, young filmmakers get to submit their work for a chance to win a car, a trip for two, or a cash prize. Winning works are aired during flights too. The submissions in 2008 feature a mime versus a clown, the adventures of a space traveller, and children coping with death. An extensive collection of French and English movies are also for passengers’ choosing, as is a menu of audio CDs with everyone from Ne-Yo to The Beach Boys. More choosing can be done with TV shows ranging from HBO’s “Big Love” to “Sex and the City.” Its enRoute magazine has articles on hosting parties, winter beverages, and shopping around the world.

Another entertainment bonanza is offered onboard Continental Airlines, with Elvis Presley’s Christmas duets, Alicia Keys’ ballads, and Yo-Yo Ma’s classics heard on Continental AIRWaves. Hang Man, Poker, and Solitaire are but a few of the video games available on the Boeing 777s and 767s. Lower the volume, fast forward the scene, or flip to another channel with Audio Video on Demand, or browse through Continental magazine, its November 2008 issue including articles on ski resorts, river cruises, and eco-friendly tips. Continental Airlines even provides shower facilities in some airports.

Flights to the Dominican Republic are just as lively on Finnair, where passengers can rent Sony PSPs for a few pounds. bluewings magazine has articles on famous personalities, while more celebrities can be caught on the planes’ movie screens, featuring both old and new films from all over the globe. For the kids, Finnair supplies games, stickers, and playing cards to keep air travel fuss-free.

Air France and American Airlines also have flights to the Dominican Republic.

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