Getting the best deal on flights to Tenerife in March 2011

Flights to Tenerife in March 2011

Thinking of taking a relaxing break lounging on the beach of a sunshine destination? No matter what time of year it is, Tenerife is always our favourite thanks to miles upon miles of sandy beaches, reasonable prices, and extremely welcoming locals. It is a fantastic place to holiday, and in this blog, we are going to show you how to get there for a reasonable price as we take a look at flights to Tenerife in March 2011.

While it may be a four hour flight away, the amazing prices on offer when it comes to Tenerife flights don't reflect this fact. Nearly every UK airport has a regular service to Tenerife, and one UK operator is trumping the rest with some outstanding deals on flights to the area, and that operator is www.easyJet.com. Easy Jet are offering flights from all of their UK airports to Tenerife for just £36.99 right now, and this is a price they will be sticking to for a while thanks to their "million seat sale".

While we are massive fans of EasyJet, they offer a paltry baggage allowance in our experience, so if you fancy getting a great deal on a flight as well as a generous baggage allowance, then we recommend checking out what Jet2 are offering on their dedicated Tenerife page at http://www.jet2.com/destinations/tenerife-flights.aspx. Jet2 allow you to bring up to 22kg of checked in baggage on their flights, making them perfect for the holidaymaker with a big wardrobe! They are also offering flights to the island from £80 return, obviously depending on the dates you wish to book.

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