How to Get Cheaper Flights to Tenerife From Ireland

When to Book

Airlines and holiday companies use the supply and demand principle. So flights to Tenerife from Ireland will always be more expensive during the peak holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter, New Year and during School Holidays.

Avoid flying at the popular times of the week to get cheaper flights to Tenerife. Weekends, Mondays and Fridays are the most common times to travel and are likely to cost more than a midweek evening flight.

Where to Book

Booking direct with an airline can sometimes save on third party commissions. Ryanair.com fly to Tenerife from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Derry and Knock airports and regularly have special offers on their flight prices.

Payment Methods

Many airlines and travel companies charge for booking a ticket online with a debit or credit card. However, by law they have to offer a free option.

Find out in advance which debit or credit cards are free to use. Open an account with the respective bank, obtain the card and book a flight to Tenerife from Ireland through this company.


Many travel websites use a price comparison search engine. By typing in your details and requirements, the website can find the cheapest or most convenient flights to Tenerife from Ireland.

For a quick, up to the minute price, Skyscanner.net provide a comparison on over 600 airlines. They can also offer prices on hotels, transfers and car hire.

Last Minute Deals

For possible bargain priced flights to Tenerife from Ireland, visit a travel agent within a couple of days of your expected departure. If seats are available, they may be offered for sale at vastly reduced prices.

However, be prepared to change destination should all flights to Tenerife from Ireland be full.


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