Flights to Tanzania

Hop onto a different continent the next time you travel. If Africa has you enthralled, Tanzania is a great place to begin. And with these flights, an adventure of a lifetime is just ten hours away.

There are a lot of airports in the country, some of the most prominent being the ones in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has Tanzania flights to all three from most UK cities. With its Economy Class, one can send text messages to any point on earth, play videogames, or flip through the oldest in-flight magazine in the world: the Holland Herald. No stale sandwiches on KLM; only food prepared on the very day of each flight is served.

Kenya Airways, “the pride of Africa,” also makes stops at the three Tanzania airports. Young passengers can join the Cool Kids club, which supplies them with fun giveaways, articles in the Msafiri magazine, and invitations to the annual Cool Kids party. Try some local fare like sweet and sour plakapong (fish) with basmati rice.

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Experience “the new spirit of Africa” with Ethiopian Airlines, offering space and comfort with its Cloud Nine programme. African songs and instrumentals are available on two of its audio channels.

South African Airways offers Tanzania flights to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. It has received many numerous accolades, including Airline of the Year at the 2008 CBC African Business Awards.

British Airways is the only carrier with direct flights from the UK to Tanzania. A relaxing trip is in store for its patrons, since BA offers spa treatments on board with the experts of Elemis skin and body care.

If holidaymakers want to see more of the country, air travel within Tanzania is possible on “the wings of Kilimanjaro,” Air Tanzania, and “Tanzania’s finest,” Precision Air.

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