Cheap Flights to Tallinn From the UK

Flight Information

Direct flights to Tallinn from the UK take approximately three hours, depending on your flight's origination.

Flights to Tallinn from both London and Edinburgh, for example, last two and three quarter hours, while the fastest way to fly from Cardiff involves two stopovers and takes in excess of six hours.

Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport is located at the heart of the city, just three miles away from the busiest central parts of the city.

As such, connecting transport to and from the airport is very frequent, cheap and quick.

This allows visitors to land on the tarmac at Tallinn and experience the city in a matter of hours after flights to Tallinn from the UK.

Furthermore, many nearby hotels and hostels offer their guests complimentary shuttle transport to and from the hotels, while there are also taxis and buses into town available outside the airport.

Why Visit Tallinn?

Estonia's capital city, Tallinn has emerged as a popular 21st century tourist destination.

Travellers visit Tallinn for its charming architecture, rich and interesting history, relaxed cafe culture and upbeat nightlife.

Tallinn has a similar climate to the United Kingdom with average high temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius enjoyed in the month of August.

At the heart of the city's old town is Freedom Square, a large open space that symbolises Estonia's independence from Tsar rule.

Meanwhile, in the city centre, you can marvel at what was once the world's tallest building in the form of St. Olav's Church and Tower.


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