Flights to Sydney

Go on a relaxing cruise, climb atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or just lie around on Bondi Beach; you'll never run out of things to do in Australia's Harbour City.

Go on a shopping spree at the Sydney Airport. Its international terminal (T1) is filled with boutiques and restaurants. You can bring something home from Ralph Lauren, Vodafone, or MAC Cosmetics. Grab a bite at Krispy Kreme, Eagle Boys Pizza, or Sumo Salad.

Get a flight on British Airways, "Airline of the Year" at the 2006 World Airline Awards. With World Traveller Economy Class, you’ll get value for your money, and stress-free air travel, too. Ergonomic seats, free blankets, cushions, and socks make for a comfortable flight. British Airways has been navigating the skies since World War I.

Check out photos of Sydney here!

Also offering Sydney flights is Virgin Atlantic. Expect only the best in style, service, and safety; after all, it’s been awarded "Best Long-Haul Airline" (The Sunday Times Travel Magazine Reader's Awards 2008), "Airline of the Year" (British Travel Awards 2007), and "Best Premium Economy" (Business Traveller Awards 2007). Virgin Atlantic has made its commitment to the environment by recycling, using less fuel, and using innovative, earth-friendly resources.

Fly Qantas Airlines, “the world’s most experienced airline” with around 90 years of service under its belt. With trips to and from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London (Heathrow), Manchester, and Newcastle, you have a lot of Sydney flights to choose from. Luxurious is the word to describe Qantas, with its spa services and relaxing, fully reclined Skybeds.

United Airlines Australia has flights to and from London and Manchester. You’re in for a delicious journey – you can get Mrs. Field's cookies and Starbucks coffee on board!

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