Flights to Stockholm

Spend a holiday in a mediaeval city by the water. Get on these flights to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with its islands, museums, and parks.

Let Capital Magazine’sBest Airline of the Year 2008 in Europe” handle the flights to Stockholm. Austrian Airlines welcomes passengers with a complimentary drink, comfy reclining seats, and a choice of films and video games. They offer toys, puzzles, and JetFriends magazine for kids. Austrian Airlines features Swedish music through the audio programme, Austrian Boardingmusic, with everything from classical to jazz.

The oldest airline in the world, KLM, also has flights to Stockholm. Snuggle up in the “sleeping chairs” and tilt back up to a 170-degree angle. These even have massage settings. The Holland Herald, the oldest in-flight magazine in the world, is a great read, specialising in travelogues.

Check out photos of Stockholm here!

Entertainment awaits on North America’s “Best Airline” at the World Airline Awards 2008, Continental Airlines. There are a number of audio channels such as “Ambient Groove,” “The Hit Factory,” and “Kids Korner.” Passengers can also play a virtual game of Black Jack, Poker, or Chess, and read Continental Magazine.

Cheap flights to Stockholm are provided by easyJet, one of the largest budget airlines in Europe. Why choose easyJet? There are no weight restrictions for hand luggage, and early birds can board a plane ahead of the scheduled time as long as there’s still room.

“Go to the Baltics!” with airBaltic, which offers special deals every now and then, including sales on tickets to Scandinavian and the Mediterranean shores. Ordering meals through the Internet is another service they offer. The airCafe menu has selections such as salmon steak in saffron sauce, butterfish salad, and everyone’s favourite: crisps. Kids are in for a surprise with their meal: stick-on tattoos!

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) also has flights to Stockholm. All of these carriers land at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

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