Flights to St Petersburg

St Petersburg on the Neva River in Russia was named after the apostle Peter, the patron saint of Peter the Great. Its towering ancient buildings and intricately designed palaces give a glimpse of Russia’s glorious past and rich culture.

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The main gateway to Russia is Pulkovo Airport, around 19 kilometres south of the city centre. Hailed as the fourth busiest Russian airport in 2007, it serves domestic, international, and charter flights to and from St Petersburg.

Fly from Paris, France to St Petersburg on Air France. Tempo or economy flights provide basic comfort with winged headrests and seats that recline up to 118 degrees. A three-course meal is served with free alcoholic drinks.

British Airways provides St Petersburg flights from its two hubs, London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Economy flights to Europe (Euro Traveller) on an Airbus A320 jet feature a 30-inch seat pitch and food. International economy flights (World Traveller and World Traveller Plus) offer 31-inch and 38-inch seat pitches and in-seat laptop power.

Other airlines servicing flights to St Petersburg from other European countries are airberlin from Berlin, Germany; Alitalia from Milan, Italy; and Finnair from Helsinki, Finland.

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