Flights to Slovenia

A country of numerous churches, parks, and museums, Slovenia has much to offer. The Walk of Peace is an assembly of trenches, cemeteries, and memorials preserved in tribute to the victims of World War I. Kobilarna Lipica is a mediaeval farmland ideal for nature-related sightseeing, and the home of Lipizzaner horses renowned for their speed and cleverness. Even a Roman necropolis can be found here, where marble gorgons stand guard over sepulchres of the rich in the town of Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini.

Visitors can set down their luggage at Ljubljana Jože Pucnik Airport, where banks, nursery rooms, and Wi-Fi access are available. Gifts can be bought at Kompas or other airport duty-free shops, and a snack bar provides tasty treats.

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Adria Airways, Slovenia’s national airline, travels to and from Birmingham, London, and Manchester. Their Aero Taxi service offers panoramic flights for day-trippers travelling from Ljubljana to Bled, known for its dramatic lake and castle.

With daily Slovenia flights from London Stansted, easyJet is a wise choice for budget-conscious holidaymakers. No more waiting in line with its Speedy Boarding programme; those who avail of this can board the plane earlier and select their seats. Early birds can catch an earlier flight to or from Slovenia even if they have booked a later trip, provided there is room, and there are no weight restrictions for hand baggage.

Ryanair is an option when travelling to or from Maribor Airport. With a hub at London Stansted, Europe's largest low-cost carrier guarantees the cheapest prices of all airlines. It even pioneered the “free seat giveaway” for one million passengers in 2007.

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