Flights to Santiago

Chile’s capital, Santiago, is one of the most modern cities in South America, and is growing popular with holidaymakers and businesspeople alike. Santiago flights land in Aeropuerto de Santiago, which takes pride in having facilities that cater to the needs of its patrons. It has a car rental service, currency exchange point, and even a massage area. There are medical and dental clinics, and four duty-free stores, including one named “Shop Buy-Bye,” for last-minute gifts.

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Aerolineas Argentinas flies from London to Santiago. A cultural experience is in store for passengers, with musical entertainment consisting of selections from tango, folklore, and the Latin Romantics. Video programmes include features on Argentinian wine, fashion, and tourism. Among the benefits of choosing Aerolineas Argentinas for one’s Santiago flights are big discounts at certain hotels.

Delta Air Lines journeys to more destinations worldwide than any other carrier, so it’s no surprise that Santiago flights from a number of UK cities are available. They offer healthy food options, ranging from organic green salad to fruits and cheese platters. The latest movies, thousands of MP3s, and personal monitors are available on Delta’s in-flight entertainment.

Named “Best Company in South America” at the World Airline Awards, LAN Airlines provides “the pleasure of flying” to its customers. Its new Economy Class has features such as ergonomic seats, adjustable head-rests, and customised entertainment through personal monitors and a wide choice of movies, music, and games.

With Santiago flights to and from London, TAM aims to be everyone’s favourite airline. One can expect only the best service. Their philosophy is, “The client is always right,” and if the the airline staff do not think so, they are asked to “re-read the rule.”

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