Flights to Romania

Romania is the home of Vlad the Impaler, the man who inspired Bram Stoker to write his novel Dracula. It’s also the ideal destination for adventure-seekers, so book a flight to Romania today.

Cruise the skies on Tarom Romanian Air Transport, where tourists will have their first taste of Romanian culture. Entertainment options include local movies with English subtitles, a range of publications, and Romanian tunes. Other musical alternatives are latino, jazz, and pop. Also offered is Insight magazine, with articles on famous personalities, new discoveries, and worldwide travels.

The ever dependable British Airways has flights to Romania as well. Its Premium Economy Class, World Traveller Plus, makes sure travellers get the peace and quiet they need. There’s more space to relax as well. Seats come with adjustable headrests, additional recline, and leg rests. There are personal seatback monitors too, and passengers are offered noise-reducing headphones to complete the entertainment experience.

Lufthansa takes pride in saying “there’s no better way to fly.” And this might just be true. Dining options, for example, include Yangtze River prawns with winter melon cooked in jus, lotus salad, and rice. For the winter, first-class passengers receive a tin of “high-quality Glühwein spices” for the perfect cup they can make at home. On the entertainment front, audio books, video games, and music from all over the world are just the tip of the iceberg. Personal touch-screen monitors are provided too.

Though KLM might be the oldest airline in the world, its standards and services have kept up with the times. Cabins decked out in serene blue and white forecast a trouble-free journey, while sleeper seats with privacy canopies and massage settings keep passengers even more relaxed. To get a cheaper flight to Romania, tourists are advised to reserve a seat early.

These flights land at the Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest, the capital.

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