Flights to Reykjavik

The world’s northernmost national capital is a nature wonderland waiting to be explored. Take these Reykjavik flights, and discover impressive mountain ranges, quaint national parks, and picturesque lagoons among many other treasures on a Reykjavik holiday.

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Keflavik International Airport is Iceland’s main air terminal, located 50 kilometres from Reykjavik. It was once a U.S. military base built during the World War II, and now services international flights to and from Iceland cities, including Reykjavik.

Fly to Reykjavik from London on Icelandair, the flag carrier. Founded in 1937, this airline travels to 22 cities in 12 countries on both sides of the Atlantic. Economy Class Flex flights feature low modification fees, 32-inch seat pitch, and 150% frequent flyer points. Infants under two years old get a 90% discount, while children have 25% off the ticket price. With enough frequent flyer points, passengers can enjoy an upgrade to Economy Comfort Class. Unused tickets are refundable, but with a corresponding fee deducted.

Iceland Express, a main carrier in Keflavik Airport, also flies directly to Iceland from London. The airline was established in 2002, and started operations on February 27, 2003. It flies to 14 European destinations.

For in-flight entertainment, guests can rent a small video player with movies, television programs for adults and children, computer games, and music. During the flight, passengers can shop for various duty-free items such as jewellery, perfumes, electronic gadgets, watches, and liquor.

Children under 12 with adults get a 50% discount, while infants under two years old are only charged the taxes and surcharges.

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