Flights to the Philippines from the UK

Flights to the Philippines from the UK can be expensive if you don't know where you should be looking. There are a lot of websites out there offering what seem like amazing deals but don't be fooled!

Often there are lots of hidden costs that pop up with these websites so keep your wits about you. We have found somewhere that will get you there cheap and they have lots of great info on the Philippines.

If you are heading somewhere for the first time then it is always good to have some information on what the city has to offer so you can make a decent plan. When it comes to planning trips, the 'Trip Advisor' (http://www.tripadvisor.com) website is the bees knees.

We managed to find a flight for 2 adults to the Philippines for only £519. This will get you a week in the Philippines for two and your return flight is covered as part of the package. We found the best time to be a mid-August flight with the Emirates so check them out on the Trip Advisor.

You can also book a hotel from this great website or even look for holiday packages. They even have lots of useful information about where to go, things to see, great restaurants and bars to visit and all the hotspots you need to see.

There is no point in breaking the bank on flights to the Philippines from the UK, just hit up the Trip Advisor and get great low cost flights along with a wealth of info. Check them out today and get that dream flight booked!



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