Cheap flights to Perth Australia from Dublin

After deciding to go to Australia, many people dread the flight as it is long and hard going. Many people also dread seeing how much the flight is going to cost!

By shopping around and doing some homework you can drastically reduce the amount you pay for a flight.There are many airlines that have flights to Perth Australia from Dublin, but unfortunately none directly. Many make two stops, some make three.

Skyscanner.com is a fantastic site to use when looking for flights, especially long distance flights. The savings can be huge. By booking in advance you can find one way tickets from Dublin to Perth ranging from £555 to over £2100. Most of these flights have two stops, usually London and Singapore or Dubai. Skyscanner cuts out the time you need to spend comparing flight options by doing the hard work for you!

Air Asia is another fantastic way of travelling to Australia, but they do not fly from Dublin, so you'll have to make your own way from Dublin to London. If you book this flight in advance you could get an absolute bargain. Booking six months in advance, you can get a flight from London to Perth with a stop in Kuala Lumpur in the region of £320 to £380.

Ensure when you book your flights, your luggage goes all the way to Perth (rather than you having to collect and re-check it during your connection). It may not sound like a big issue, but it is - especially if you are travelling on your own. Connection times commonly range from one to 10 hours. Not having to carry around your checked baggage makes it a bit easier to go for a walk or go shopping. Even if it is one airline taking you all the way, do not assume your luggage is checked all the way through.

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