The choice available on flights to Oz from Ireland

Are you looking for flights to Oz from Ireland? Whether you're planning a year away, or else a dream Summer holiday, there's no doubting that Australia can be a tricky place to get to from Ireland. You're going to have to get a connecting flight, so the real battle is trying to connect for as cheap as possible. In this blog we'll be trying to help you achieve this.

If you're going backpacking in Australia, or else if you're under 35, then your first port of call for reasonably priced flights should be Usit, who you can find online at http://www.usit.ie/. Usit specialise in arranging visas and cheap flights for young Irish people. A quick glance at their online search engine reveals unbelievable deals to Sydney right now, with a one way flight priced at 413 Euro. You can only book by sending them an email or by calling them on 1 602 1906.

If Usit aren't an option for you, then we suggest checking out Skyscanner.com. This site works much like an insurance comparison site, except for flights. It trawls all operaters flying to Oz from a variety of different airports, to get you the best quote. A quick trawl of Sky Scanner reveals a price of 661 Euro including taxes. This price nets you a flight to Heathrow, on to Bangkok, then onwards to Sydney. The airlines involved are Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic.

Hopefully this blog has been helpful in finding you cheap flights from Ireland to Oz!

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