Get cheap flights to Oz from Dublin

Dreaming of jetting off to Australia but worried that your bank balance will hold you back? We take a look at ways to get cheap flights to Oz from Dublin...

Look for a day and time that are going to be less popular with other travellers. Flights that leave in the early hours of the morning, flights that have a long connection time, flights that depart in low season (June, July and August for Australia) and flights on Tuesdays and Thursdays all tend to be cheaper. This is because less people want to travel on the flight, leaving seats at a cheaper price for longer. In our opinion, saving a couple of hundred pounds is worth a few hours of inconvenience.

Book as soon as you can. Flights that are booked in advance are often half the price of flights that are snapped up at the last minute. Most airlines don't have sales or offer discounts, so in general tickets are at their cheapest just after they have been released (usually 12 months in advance of the departure date), and increase in price until they reach their most expensive right before the gates close for departure.

Consider flights with an extra connection. By flying from Dublin to London, you can avail of a much bigger selection of flights to Australia - and the increased competition has left prices much lower. For example, flying from Dublin to London (with Ryanair) to Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia) to Perth (Air Asia) could cost just £340 one way.

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