Cheap flights to Nice from Manchester

Through the summer months (from May to September), Jet2 operates a direct service of flights to Nice from Manchester on a relatively inconsistent semi-regular basis, with flight days and times varying from week to week and month to month, but averaging out to around two or three flights per week.

Flights to Nice from Manchester

The Jet2 direct flights to Nice take approximately two hours and 20 minutes, and tickets can be purchased online with the best prices via Jet2's own website at Jet2.com.

If you have a little flexibility regarding your travel date, you will be able to find tickets for around £50 each way or £100 return - although prices can rise to around £70-£90 for more popular individual flights, affecting return ticket prices accordingly.

Through the rest of the year (from October to April), there are no direct flights to Nice from Manchester. If you want to travel during this period, you'll need to plan indirect flights. Thankfully, this is not very difficult - and indeed not very expensive - using comparison websites like skyscanner.net.

The two most feasible airlines with which you can plan indirect flights to Nice are BMI and KLM.

BMI is the cheaper of the two, but is considerably less flexible and offers a great journey time. With BMI, you'll travel via London Heathrow, and will be lucky to travel in less than 6 hours (including airport transfer time). Return tickets generally cost around £120. Find information at flybmi.com.

KLM, offering connections via Amsterdam Schiphol, is the faster option, generally taking 4 hours and 50 minutes, and is only fractionally more expensive, averaging at around £140 return with minimal variation. Find information at klm.com.

Getting to Nice from the airport

After your flights to Nice arrive, the easiest way to travel from Nice Airport to central Nice is to take the 98 express bus, costing €4 and taking approximately 30 minutes. The service runs from 6am to midnight every day. Your purchased ticket can be used an unlimited number of times on other buses and trams in Nice on that day.

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