Go back in time with flights to New Zealand

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Long haul international flights to New Zealand from the UK are to either Auckland or Christchurch. For trips to Napier, you should take a flight to Auckland. A small port town in Hawkes Bay on the North Island of New Zealand, Napier, along with Hastings City, is often known as one of the Twin Cities.  The combined population of the two cities is 122,600 making it the fifth largest city in the country but of course by the standards of many other countries this is still quite small in comparison!

In February 1931 Napier was flattened by a major earthquake killing 256 people. Not only was the town centre destroyed but an area of 40 square kilometres that was previously below sea level was raised by the earthquake. The town was rebuilt in an Art Deco style in keeping with the fashion of the time.With little building work taking place after the initial rebuild, Napier remained an icon to Art Deco through the latter decades of the 20th Century. From the 1990s onwards the originality and uniqueness of the town has been recognised and maintained and along with Miami is one of the two best Art Deco towns in the world. From 2007, Napier has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If this piques your interest, check out the Air New Zealand and British Airways websites for great deals on flights. Alternatively you could look for a better deal on flights to New Zealand, though possibly a longer flight time with more changes by consulting a price comparison website such as cheapflights.co.uk.The best deal we can find on flights to New Zealand is for just £649 from London Heathrow to Auckland including all taxes. These flights are to be taken between 4th September and 8th December 2011.

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