How to Find Cheap Flights to New York from Manchester

Spending a long weekend in New York can be fun, particularly if you can find cheap flights to New York from Manchester. Once a major expense, if you wanted to fly to the Big Apple, nowadays the route from Manchester to New York is one of the cheapest in Europe. Here's how to find the cheapest flights at still convenient times.

Cheap Flights (cheapflights.co.uk) is an excellent website for the best cheap flights, as it searches more than 50 holiday and flight websites to come up with the best possible deals.

At Cheap Flights, you'll find airfares to New York from Manchester for as low as £342 round-trip. Of course, the flights are usually in off-peak hours but, if you can save several hundred euros by flying then, why not.

Deal Checker (dealchecker.co.uk) is another great way to find the best low-budget carriers, particularly when it comes to flights to New York.

Check out flights to New York from Manchester on their website, paying particular attention to how much money you can save if you're willing to take a less-convenient flight.

You'll find short breaks to New York of 3-4 days on Deal Checker for as low as £359 round-trip in October, November, and early December, with rates going up slightly for more mid-peak months.

Or, if you'd like to stay in New York a little longer, a 7-night stay in New York will still only cost you £375 round-trip for the flights.

Airlines that Deal Checker features include Delta Airlines, US Airways and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.



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