Flights to New York from Birmingham

There can be a lot of reasons to book flights to New York from Birmingham - whether it's for a long holiday, seasonal shopping, a romantic weekend away or just to experience something new. New York it hosts to some world famous landmarks; the Empire State Building, the Beatles-themed Strawberry Fields and Central Park are just some of the must-see attractions well worth a visit to New York for.

Airports and Flight Times

When booking flights to New York from Birmingham, you can pick the two main gateways in New York: JFK Airport and Newark Liberty Airport. New York's third airport, La Guardia, only services domestic flights and rarely caters for international flights.

Depending on the route you take, flights to New York are direct; they can often be cheaper if the flight isn't direct, and prices may vary if you travel from another UK airport. If the cost of travelling to another UK airport and then to New York will save you money, you should certainly consider doing so.

Flight times should take around 9 hours from Birmingham to New York direct, with an hour or two consideration for delays, landing and take off.

Flight Costs - Under 1 Month Advance

As you may already be aware, booking a flight well in advanced will ensure you receive a cheaper booking rate and flexible flight times. If you book your flights to New York from Birmingham under a month in advance to the due flight date, you should expect to pay on average £700 - £800 for a direct flight and £600 for flights with one or two stops.

Flight Costs - 4 Months Plus in Advance

Flights to New York from Birmingham, if booked around 6 months in advanced, are averaged at £500 for direct flights and as little as £300 for flights with one or two stops. It can be easy to find a cheaper deal if you can be flexible with your dates and are open minded about the kind of airline you use, but you should always ensure you check for additional costs per airline.

Price Comparison Sites

The best method to find the cheapest flights to New York from Birmingham are to use price comparison websites, as these will search the internet for the cheapest deals from various airlines. Kayak.com, Expedia.co.uk, Travelzoo.com and Farecompare.com are just some examples of the best sites for UK to US flight comparisons.

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