Economical flights to Murcia from Scotland

There are plenty of options for people visiting the city of Murcia in Spain. Located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, this historic city is currently served by the Murcia-San Javier Airport. There is a new privately-owned airport being built which will serve low-cost airlines. However, the Murcia-San Javier Airport receives plenty of flights to Murcia from Scotland, so travelers will have plenty of great deals to choose from. The following websites have particularly attractive deals: www.jet2.com

Through www.jet2.com, it is possible to get a one-way ticket to Murcia from Edinburgh for a little over £60. The flights usually depart Edinburgh at 9 AM and arrive in Murcia at 1:15 PM.  The flights only operate on some days of the week so check for availability. Also fares can vary widely depending on what day of the month you are traveling so it pays to plan in advance: www.ryanair.com

If you prefer to travel from Glasgow, there are Ryanair flights leaving Prestwick Airport for Murcia. With fares hovering around £80, this is an attractive option for travelers from Glasgow. Flights depart Glasgow at 5:10 PM and arrive at Murcia at 9;10 PM. Flights are often full so check for availability.

Flight Heroes

If you want more choice for flights leaving Edinburgh, you can use Flight Heroes. Happily for technophobes, you don’t have to use the internet to book flights to Murcia from Scotland. Instead, you can call them over the phone to book your flight. A return ticket will cost you from £100, with prices varying depending on the time of month.

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