Flights to Moldova

A Moldova holiday promises loads of wine-tasting and sightseeing. These flights will take you there.

With the country’s colours emblazoned on its tail, Air Moldova was “born to fly” as the state airline. Established by presidential decree in 1993, it offers two options: basic economy class and business class, where one of the perks is a wide selection of beverages. Their frequent flier programme offers benefits, including bigger baggage allowance, tickets, and gifts.

There is no shortage of flights to Moldova on Turkish Airlines, with its fleet of 120 planes. In-flight entertainment features a huge variety of sitcoms such as Fraiser and Everybody Loves Raymond; cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes; and documentaries on everything from fashion to travel. Touch-screen Audio Video On Demand allows passengers to personalise their repertoire for the journey. A wide selection of music and games is at the traveller’s fingertips. Meals begin with tiny canapes and end with chocolaty profiteroles.

A sprinkling of Madonna, a dash of REM, and a pinch of Slovak Philharmonic are served on the Csatorna Channel, Malév Hungarian Airlines’ audio menu. They have everything from Classic Rock to the Top of the Pops. A variety of short films and newspapers are also offered. Horizon magazine comes free, with features on art, dance, and world events. There is a regular Sudoku section, too. Dishes aboard Malév are prepared by professional chefs, with cuisines like Oriental, Kosher, and Vegetarian.

Established in 1995, airBaltic is the national airline of Latvia and has a fleet of 28 aircraft. Their gift shop’s selection includes Calvin Klein perfumes, miniature airBaltic planes, and a night kit, which contains a blanket, pillow, and eye cover. With its travel packages, planning a trip is easy.

These airlines land in Chisinau International Airport, the largest in Moldova.

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