Flights to Melbourne

While crossing the Pacific, an Asian experience awaits in the skies, with many of the continent’s carriers offering flights to Melbourne. Take a side trip to Southeast Asia on Malaysia Airlines, which serves dishes infused with local colour, like “lamb shank bathed in Sarawak black pepper sauce,” and their award-winning satay, or skewered meat, barbecued and served with peanut sauce. An international selection of drinks is also offered, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Sri Lankan Watte tea. There are 300 hours of movies available, and music ranges widely from Malay to Mandarin, Barry Manilow to Katy Perry, classical to jazz.

Thai Airways International welcomes the ladies with orchid corsages, while kids get free toys. For such a low cost, patrons get spacious seats, an extensive Audio Visual On Demand entertainment system, and towels to keep them fresh. No wonder Thai Airways proudly says, “Not all economy classes are created equal.” Their award-winning Royal Orchid Service makes flying with Thai Airways even more desirable, with giveaways such as writing sets, post cards, and playing cards.

“Excellence in flight” is Korean Air’s motto, and they certainly stay true to it. Documentaries, sports programmes, music videos, and more are available with its entertainment system. For a little more variety, listen to its Korean, Chinese, and Japanese music. Flying for the first time? With KAL Premium Care Service, an attendant will guide you from the check-in counter to the boarding gate arrival.

Flights to Melbourne are also provided by Singapore Airlines, which promises air travel that is “more pleasurable than ever.” World Gourmet Cuisine highlights Indian, Chinese, and Japanese delicacies, accompanied by everything from wine to lassi, an Indian yoghurt drink. Lotions, colognes, and magazines are just some of the amenities supplied.

Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qantas, Air New Zealand, and United Airlines also have flights to Melbourne. These land at Melbourne Airport, which has facilities such as showers, mobile phone rentals, and web access kiosks.

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